Burial Planning

From traditional to unique we've got you covered
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Clark County Cremation Offers Burial Services

The experienced team at Clark County Cremation & Burial Services can help you understand the options and steps to planning a burial for you loved one. We'll be your guide to ensure that your service reflects your preferences, traditions, and budget.

Should we do a traditional burial?

 Traditional burial offers many beautiful choices as a tribute to your loved one. From memorial service location to choices of casket and service style, our caring team will be by your side.

Often, traditional burial plans  include a graveside service, viewing, prayer service, and unique touches that make the day more personal and meaningful. Please ask us to explain the traditional and contemporary options to honor your loved one.

Our Gift to You


Free Casket for your family

We have been caring for families in the Northwest for decades and know how hard this time can be. We'd love to offer you a premium casket (valued at over $500) at no cost. It is our little way of helping to alleviate the burden and concerns at this time.

Traditional Funeral Service - $3,595.00

Direct cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing so you can plan the right memorial.
  • Basic Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Embalming, Dressing/Casketing of Decedent
  • Funeral Ceremony
  • Separate day of Viewing
  • Graveside Ceremony
  • Hearse & Service Utility Vehicle