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Our Cremation Service

Clark County Crematory offers direct cremation services at our own crematory facility.

Direct cremation is the simplest funeral option where the cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing.

Our funeral director will discuss the details and decisions that come with cremation; helping you walk through the process with a caring professional by your side. We handle every aspect of the cremation from decisions about the urn to filling out the death certificate paperwork.

At CCC we own our own crematory allowing you to know that your loved one is in our care from beginning to end.

Why is Owning Your Crematory Important?

By owning our own crematory your loved one stays in our care through the entire process. We do not outsource or hand off the custody and care of your loved one at anytime. Since the body won’t be transported to a third-party facility, our funeral home can guarantee the care and quality of service your loved one receives from beginning to end—giving you and your family piece of mind.

Everything in one package

Licensed Funeral Directors

Our licensed funeral directors have decades of experience coordinating and caring for families.

Private Cremation

Because we own our crematory, your loved one is guaranteed to be in the best care through the entire process.

Large Selection of Urns

We understand the need for something unique when considering an urn. We have collections that include custom sports teams and geographic locations to give you an option that reminds you of your loved one.

Our Compassion Package - $1,495.00

Direct cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing so you can plan the right memorial.
  • Basic Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Local Removal of Decedent to our Crematory
  • Transportation and care of Decedent
  • Basic Cremation Container
  • Basic Black Urn with Sticker Nameplate
  • Handling of Death Certificate
  • No Crematory Fee
  • Notification of Death to Social Security